"HTTPS - this time it is not optional" by Arne Jørgensen, Reload!

About the session

Recent versions of leading browsers has increased the need for running sites with HTTPS. Both for security and for user experience purposes. We will talk about both current and future state of this and why you can no longer ignore HTTPS from a business and user experience perspective.

HTTPS used to come with a price tag. We will have a short talk about how you can avoid yearly payments with a small automation investment. An automation that as a side effect will increase your site security and avoid damages to your brand reputation and user experience. We will also talk about some common misconceptions about what is considered "sufficient" regarding HTTPS. Finally we will touch a few technical reminders for implementing HTTPS on a Drupal site (what is it people usually forgets). So be sure to bring both your business people and technical staff.

Keywords: Business, DevOps

About the speaker

Arne Jørgensen is a Senior Developer, Systems Architect, and Partner at Reload! He has previously been as speaker at Drupalhagen 2014 (2 talks) as well as at DrupalCon 2010.


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