Saturday - March 25

10.00 to 10.25 - Keynote
"Reimagining software on the Web with Webstrates" by Clemens N. Klokmose, Aarhus University (Room: Store Sal)

10.30 to 11.50 - Workshop
"Practical Behat and other testing tools" by Ture Gjørup and Mikkel Ricky, ITK (Room: M2)
"Drupal installation", by Jesper Green, Accedo, and Nikolaj Stockholm, Efiware (Room: Undervisning)

11.50 to 12.40 - Lunch (Room: Store Sal)

12.40 to 13.30 - Session
"JavaScript unit testing cookbook" by Artem Miroshnyk, Novasol A/S (Room: Store Sal)
"First steps with Composer in Drupal" by Mikkel Ricky, ITK (Room: Lille Sal)

13.30 to 13.45 - Coffee and sweets (Room: Store Sal)

13.45 to 14.45 - Keynote
"SEO from a technical standpoint" by Mathias Hillerup Larsen, S360 (Room: Store Sal)

14.50 to 15.15 - Goodbye (Room: Store Sal)